Living in silicon beach of Japan : Sakata

Of the American West Coast to innovative industrial cities such as silicon Beach

Our "Japan west coast plan", the brand as an innovative industrial cities such as the United States west coast silicon Beach, domestic, of course, we aim to area development as attention from the world.
Here in Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, the "Startup Weekend Yamagata" such as starting a business event held regularly, I get told the joy and fun of life of the work led to a variety of local heroes talk event "Sakata Moshieno University" and, carry out the ICT education opened the "West Coast Academy", also open, such as co-working space "UNDERBAR", not only in Japan, have begun taking a gradually attention from overseas entrepreneurs.
In addition, we are short-term migration experience program "ABEBA" and you are deployed, UI turn people through the immigration experience guest house is set in utilization of the vacant house "Show Nai-based" also increased, if put in practice even those who play an entrepreneurial, Tokyo in the new way of working that two centers residence and telework with, also an increasing number of people to select the Sakata City as one of the place of life. 


While snuggle in the countryside, feel the city in just the right distance



Rich nature and history, the town of relaxation wrapped in culture,
is in place to reach if reach out a hand.
About 1 hour in aircraft utilization Sakata is from Tokyo, distance to go in 3 hours even car to Sendai.
In addition, I can be likened to the human profile smiled often in the form of Yamagata Prefecture,
Shonai region where there is Sakata and Tsuruoka is around just the eyes and nose.
As is reflected in the smile silhouette,
Gentle heart feel warm people often will.
Cozy environment, will surely bring peace to live in rural areas.



Access (Sakata-Tokyo)


[Air travel]
■Tokyo / Haneda Airport – Shonai airport it 1 time


[By train]
■Tokyo - (Joetsu Shinkansen) - Niigata - (uetsu line) – Sakata / 4 hours
■Tokyo - (Yamagata Shinkansen) - shinjo - (rikuu West line) – Sakata / 4 hours


[High speed bus]
■Tokyo-Sakata / 8 hours


[By car]
■Tokyo-Sakata IC / 8 hours

Sakata is Japan's three is a large rapids of one Mogami River pours into the Sea of Japan located at the mouth, wealthy merchant was also produced many as a port of call of Kitamaebune port city that has evolved from ancient times.
Edo era "of west Sakai, east of Sakata" crowded enough to be called,
its prosperity will be able to know also from a variety of cultures that remain in the city.
And Tsuruoka is said to be the Kei Hara of the sea hill clan of Fujisawa literature as a castle town of Shonai clan, town to leave the old-fashioned town split intact.
Shonai clan ruled one person Sakai Sakai was a founder of the Tadatsugu house of Tokugawa Four Heavenly Kings, existing in the Edo era building, the European-style building of the Meiji and Taisho era exudes a calm atmosphere.


Among the trends, such as be rebuilt to the old one is broken new ones, old streets and historic buildings (shrines, temples, merchant, historic sites), such as remaining are many historical resources, such as traditional arts and traditional livelihood and integrated become a has formed a good historical scenic beauty.


In Shonai by the traffic of through Kyoto "Kitamaebune"
upward culture that was brought in, nurtured in the long era flow,
has been taken over as a traditional culture.
Maiko and Kabuki, including traditional arts, such as drums,
agriculture, crafts, such as the taste of tradition, colorful traditional culture have remained heavily.
In addition, also held a variety of events throughout the year in the Shonai region.
In the summer Sakata fireworks show, Tsuruoka Akagawa fireworks display was held colors the night of summer, winter, winter taste "Samutara" the eating of the Sea of Japan to see the event "Sakata Sea of Japan cold cod Festival" and the venerable dolls around "chick tour", it is jostling such as performances Board of Kuromori Kabuki.
Further, in recent years will also focus on the movie, the new attractions "Shonai movie village" in, a lot of the movie to represent Japan has been taken.
Shonai region is filming location for the movie "Departures" and "Oshin" is also famous as.

Chokai, Mogami, Shonai Plain, and the Sea of Japan of grace ...
peaceful Shonai to feel the natural scenery and warm sunshine.
On the other hand, not only such a quaint scene, educational facilities and medical institutions, also has well-equipped environment to support life.
This is also an important factor which is indispensable in living in a rural area.
Furthermore, Yamagata Prefecture, hot springs in all the prefecture of cities, towns and villages , also known as "hot spring kingdom" that begins to spring,
Shonai also hot spring facilities in rural areas has been enhanced.
Spring cherry blossom viewing at the cherry blossoms,
summer swimming, autumn Tour of autumn leaves, winter and skiing, the leisure and sports you can indulge in a life through the four seasons.