Short-stay program

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Short-stay program "ABEBA" is, Program to get short-term migration experience to people who are thinking about immigration to Sakata.
Half of the member who concerns us "Japanese west coast plan" is an immigrant from out the prefecture and foreign countries.
Besides there are a U-turn person from Tokyo and a person practicing a dual life with Tokyo, too.
The people going to change a town to Sakata-shi seriously here gather, and it's a little, but I have turned the town real.


We build the earth as which a challenge is recommended, the environment that new industry is born and the environment that the adult who had many dreams can move as well as open the way by ourselves in children, and propose necessary educational environment to enjoy a free life.
First Why do not you carry once, a foot in Sakata?
(※ "ABEBA" is the meaning of "Why do not you come?" In the words of Yamagata Prefecture Shonai region)


● Program example
<day 1>
14:00 to "small Nai-based" check-in
15:00 program orientation
[activity time ①]
19:00 to 20:30 Sakata Festival lively dance flow (participate in the free participation frame ※ light rain or shine . discontinued at the time of social gathering)
<Day 2>
[activity time ②]
7:00 to beach walking, fishing experience (at the time of rainy weather, canceled)
8:30 breakfast
[activity time ③]
9:30 vacant house tour
from 12:00 to lunch
[activity time ④]
1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
· Sakata city of interesting company visit
· OB migrants AC, BBQ
[activity time ⑤]
17: 00 ~ Sakata festival fireworks show
<DAY 3>
[activity time ⑥]
9:00 to 12:00 agriculture experience or experience nature
12:30 to lunch
14:00 dissolution formula - in the "Show Nai-based"
※ The above is an example. Due to circumstances such as weather, program content and time will vary.
  In addition, while to meet the hope of the participants like, we will determine the content.

Participation fee

10,000 yen


※ only if you use in your family, program participation fee of children of junior high school or less (15 years and under) is free.
※ transportation costs to local, meals, entrance fees and experience fees of tourist facilities such as hang separately.

Application conditions

· Immigration and those who are your consideration two local residents to Sakata
· The working styles of in telework those who are your consideration
· ICT-related workers
· Rural life who want to experience
· If you want to meet in a fun fellow


Immigration experience guesthouse "Show Nai-based"
2-15-11 Wakatake-cho, Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Wooden 2-story 1957 March Built
※ management people in one room in the facility is staffed.
※ will be the share house form with other users.
※ wash, bathing equipment, towels, etc., will be asked to offer to our customers.
  Please be sure to check before you use.
※ pets please.  
※ key equipped in each room. It is safe for women.  


For you to experience the real life in Sakata
Immigration experience guesthouse "Show Nai-based".
Was self-renovation of the vacant houses in the staff a total, is a warm facility of handmade feeling full!
3 rooms as the room for your offers, but any room is also distinctive!
Contact was adopted on the floor material was dismantling a huge soy sauce barrel room, the room that with a change in the space by Tokoage, such as the room in which the wall is also the ceiling was also subjected to a texture rich stucco coating, can not choose too nice any room.
in the guest house by taking advantage of such a house, why not try a simulated experience of Sakata living?


This guest house by a joint project with  the Japan West Coast plan(※), ainak, Change the World, Sakata town development promotion section.



※ the Sea of Japan side of the Japanese archipelago called Japan's west coast, a project to create a Japanese version of silicon Beach. Out to create the industrial area that a new industry is born around the Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture, it leads to solving many of the challenges faced by local city from the positive point of view. Currently, the activation of the entrepreneurial startup, maintenance of residential and office environment that take advantage of the empty house, support the activities of the immigration seekers, advance support to the US west coast, and outreach efforts of the IT education, IT culture, Japan west coast of Japan and overseas activities in a total of six teams of public relations activities.


Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture is, "Startup Weekend Yamagata," such as and regular entrepreneurship events, a variety of talk event "Sakata Moshieno University" the guest invited get told the joy and fun of life of work, carry out the ICT education " It opened the West Coast Academy ", also open, such as Shonai's first co-working space" UNDERBAR ", Japan is, of course, have begun taking a gradually attention from overseas entrepreneurs.

Traffic access

Immigration experience guesthouse "Show Nai-based"
About 6 minutes by car from Sakata Station
About 22 minutes by car from Shonai Airport
About 15 minutes by car from Sakata IC
※ Parking is two rooms. Please contact us in advance. 


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